Drag Queen Teaches School Children

Drag Queen Teaches School Children

The atheist utopia of removing God from our schools has resulted in these things.

1) Drag Queens teaching out children.

2) Pedophilia becoming a *sexual orientation* so our children can be raped and it’s legal.

3) Children in schools having more rights than the teachers which results in teachers getting beat up and even raped.

4) Teachers getting raped and beat up.

5) School shootings.

All pictures on this page are videos. Just click the pic and it plays.


Drag queen teaches children

TEDx promoting pedophilia becoming a sexual orientation = special rights

Teachers quit because students beat and rape them

Drag queen performs onstage in a g-string to elementary kids

Teachers quit because students beat and rape them


School shootings

The atheist logic is below. Teaching about God or Creation is child abuse, but the things above is what they claim are a better replacement? What a joke.


Creationism is child abuse

Creationism = taliban child abuse

Creationism = child abuse

Creationism not appropriate for children

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