How did people live so long in the Old Testament?

How did people live so long in the Old Testament?

According to what Young Earth Creationists believe about the earth having a Crystalline Canopy before the flood. Which was a semi solid dome that surrounded the earth. The weight of this canopy doubled the barometric pressure from what we currently observe. And because it was mainly consisted of Metallic hydrogen, there was more free oxygen (double the amount found in atmosphere today) in our atmosphere. This would explain why the air bubbles, found in amber, are rich in oxygen compared to today’s atmosphere.

The Crystalline Canopy would surround the earth much like the ozone layer does as shown in this picture:

The Crystalline Canopy being able to exist is confirmed every time NASA sends something up into space. You see the exhaust from the rocket engines of every spacecraft sent up, put out a whole lot of moisture. When the rocket goes through the outer atmosphere, this moisture creates an ice cloud that is very different from any other type cloud known. This is because in that phase water is at it’s triple point. Which means it trying to freeze, be liquid, and gas at the same time. It creates the clouds as you see below:

And because ice has a magnetic field, the cloud formed by the moisture from the rocket fuel “always” makes a path to the North magnetic pole, this is because NASA is closer to the North pole than the South pole. So the pull to the North is stronger. You will also notice that these clouds have the ability to put out light even at night. And their light can be clearly seen in the daytime as well. If this is a preview of what the canopy looked like, then it would also explain why there were strange things said about the sky in the Bible in the Old Testament. Example:

job 37:18 Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?

The sky, while the canopy was in place, was not blue as we see it now. The sun shining on the canopy would make it glow a bright redish pink color. Much like what we see during some sunsets.

Does that not look like hot molten glass as the Bible says? The spectra of hydrogen gas when used in a neon tube for lighting looks like this:

Further supporting the idea of the Crystalline canopy.

Side note: If you want to do a simple test to see if ice reacts to a magnetic field. Take a ice cube and tie a string around it. Hang it. Then pass a magnet under it and you will see it move without touching it. A strong magnet will work best.

Why is ice having a magnetic field important? When the earth was created, it was completely covered with water. The water had to go under the earth’s crust for dry land to appear (Genesis 1:9). But while the water covered the whole earth, it was subject to the conditions of space. Being in a vacuum, it was trying to boil. Water will boil at any temperature in a perfect vacuum. Boiling means it’s moving. Water, as long as it’s moving, will not freeze as easy. But because of the boiling, small water droplets were being expelled from the water’s surface and exposed to the absolute zero of space, which would freeze it almost instantly. Now because we are talking about an event that is happening at the same time around the whole planet. Imagine a planet wide ice cloud that suddenly comes together like a huge magnet because of the earth’s magnetic field. Now imagine how strong a magnet that big would be, and now you can see where the pressures came from to created a Metallic Hydrogen Canopy came from.

The canopy would create the conditions of twice the oxygen, and twice the barometric pressures because the hydrogen molecules that exist today were caught up in the canopy making more free oxygen which also means less water. And the canopy has weight, it would increase the atmospheric pressure (barometric pressure) about twice what it is now. This would make the earth like living in a barometric oxygen chamber. There are even medical treatments now being used this way as explained below.

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment) has been being used and experimented with as treatment for many ailments, diseases, injuries etc… These treatments are very near to the conditions before the flood. These Doctors – researchers are documenting their finds on the internet because mainstream medical science rejects most of what this treatment can do because it can replace many pharmaceutical drugs.

The theory behind how HBOT works as treatments is that once the pressure pushes more oxygen into the cells of the body. The body goes into a type of repair mode to where it actually heals itself. When we sleep, the body repairs itself and is why it is important that we get good sleep and enough of it. But this treatment goes beyond that by enabling the body to do “major” repairs as well as minor repairs. Currently our body only does minor repairs as we sleep.

Examples of this are in the YouTube videos below:


In the video above the teenager has had his brain damaged in an accident. Medical science gave up and he could not speak or walk. After several HBOT treatment he is now able to do both as shown in the video.


It’s good for strokes.


And it’s showing very positive results for Autism. There are many documented videos on Youtube. Now imagine you live in an HBOT type condition 24 hours a day. Your body is able to do major repairs everyday. How much would that extend your life? Well the Old Testament people live to almost a 1000 years old. So your life span would extend to almost 10 times.


This would also explain why, after the flood, people did not live as long. Once the HBOT condition was remove, their bodies quit doing the major repairs and they quit living such long lifespans.

Professional sports players are now using HBOT to heal injuries in “half” the time. Ever wonder why some players get back into the game so quick? Here’s why.

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