NASA tries to recreate life (abiogenesis)

NASA tries to recreate life (abiogenesis)

All scientists, no matter how smart or well educated, never create life that walks out of that jar. All they create is a reason to be in denial of God. The problems of actually create life remain the same. They have to remove oxygen to do this. The problem is, without oxygen you cannot make rain that rains on the rocks and creates the primordial soup.

They would have to change the laws of physics and chemistry because H2O is how you make water. No O aka oxygen and you get nothing. Why remove the oxygen? Because when the supposed amino acid come together tho start the creation of life process, oxygen becomes that newly formed life’s enemy because oxygen break the DNA down.

Evolutionists claim that abiogenesis has nothing to do with evolution. but if you break down what has to happen for life to form it’s proven otherwise. Non-living matter becoming alive is a biological change process that matter has to go through to become living. Which is one of the very definitions of evolution. Let’s not forget the *name* of Darwin’s book..,.

Origin of Species aka the Origin of all Life. So yes Darwin even agrees. But the main reason evolutionists deny abiogenesis being a part of evolution is because it exposes the truth about evolution and that is that it fails before it even gets started.

Evolution, since it’s conception, has always been about removing God from the equation. Why? Because atheists need a reason to deny God. This is the reason they used evolution to remove God from our public schools. Those who helped Darwin agree with this as their comments on the issue are recorded in history.

When all the amino acids are created in the lab, the one problem they never mention is that they only created a little over 80% of the amino acids needed to create life. Not all amino acids occur naturally in nature. So when the experiment is done to the near fashion of looking like what would happen in nature, in the results, they never show you a check off list of what needs to be created to create life aka hiding the truth. So they need to come up with 20% more amino acids but no matter how many times they repeat this, they never get closer. So nothing new here.

This is why the idea called Pamspermia has been thought up. It’s the idea that we were either seeded here by aliens, or our DNA and Amino Acids arrived here from another planet that had life. As if what cannot happen here naturally occurred somewhere else. Or that it took intelligent beings (aliens), just not God.

The fact of the matter is, is that without God science always falls short of creating life from lifeless matter and always will.

Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and *breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul*

God on purpose, made this a *supernatural event* so that those who do not believe will have no excuse not to believe. Man cannot recreate this supernatural event. For if man could do it then God is not God. Understand? Do you have the breath of life? And that’s why you’ll never create life from non-living matter, ever.

There used to be a time when aliens and spaceships were tin foil hat time. Today it’s now science and you are considered scientific if you accept that. So crazy went to being smart without any evidence that can be tested using the scientific method all because atheists are desperate to have an excuse to always deny God.

So if creation is true and evolution is a lie, why does God allow evolution to exist?

Easy, in the Bible it called sifting the wheat from the chaff. Freewill means that you have a choice. So God gives that choice just like in the garden with Adam and Eve. The choice exists because during judgment you can never claim you were forced to do anything. Which makes you responsible for all that you do.

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